Teephlow – Preach Lyrics


Teephlow – Preach Lyrics

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Ay3 ready aah
Spyder Lee

[1st Verse]
Men have been in the industry for a while so i know what is happening
People claiming good face
What they preach be opposite what they practice
Woye fake
Dem go stab you in the back
Turn around and say i beg you
Kus3 atsi
Just for daily wage
Ebi dirty game
Ntsie everyday you for fit to study Dema tactics
Dem start switch ways, joy ride
Now see they jumping on the fast lane
Hype kakra startee d3 )le’manifest
B)hwe Killers aka hon tsi abom
Dey want sack me
They say we know they flow well
Now people dey tap into the flow
So they pray say we go start sink
Is amazing, how in the quest to find some small cheese
Will end up with a rush race
Fr3nu Okumfo dumfo
W)sie )tsi rap asie papapa
But )hu medzi du
They sleep on me for long
H)n wer3 3fre d3 h)n du sundzi du mpo
but is our time to rain
Na wo hun d3 3hum retu mpo
W)sie wo dawg’m
Amedzi mpo dzi wo bu me ndwom mpo
But me dropi track p3
Wo suma retsey no Nugu Nugu
Wu nipa waatsi but )nka hu hwe
Buh for dema mind
)sie Heer!
The boy dey Kill
Ensu me nkum nipa oo
Dem see sey i be threat
So they hating
H)n gyem anka ma floppy d3 diskette
Looking at this disc per order this year
I know say this pair will love to see me in despair
But i swear im a beast, yhh
No zoo keeper can ever ???? this pet
wose “field” open we for throw “shot” but i think in this “game” there are
better things we for discuss (discus)
Manager se phlow you be too deep sometimes you for demme down
Ok mekad3 field game, throw shots and discus
i hope say you get it now
Check files and hw3 me styles eb3 hund3
Ghana ha dzi abonya fo no p3 nna wonp3 me sounds
Wo rapper no mey3
huge sinin (Houston) ka
Kyere no d3 s3 )y3 dope aa
mey3 Bobby Brown

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[Chorus 4X]
Phlowducation is out oo
Phlowducation is out oo
Go get it

[2nd Verse]
I’ve come this far
Entsie 3’Diss ma
Diss back naa
I wont play this card
I’m greatest of all time
But i dont chew this cud
I’m the Goat
You for think fast
I wanna be a richman
Me p3 d3 daakye
Me k3 gyina Garage aa
Me sie
Make i buy this car, this car, this car or these cars
That be the dream bro
We no dey sleep
But we still go achieve wanna dream bro
I wanna work and see everybody in my team blow
nsti )b3 text no mma markno maman seen bro
Mami bisa question korr p3
You bi sick aarh, no
buh you sure say you dey feel well
You dey flow buh you still underground
Does it feel well
Industry nna Se3, y3 ka soa
Dem go make you feel bad yhh
we all dey play a rule
3ya popcorn biliwe nsti 3gy3n d3 esen maa (cinema)
No P
I’m trynna sow a seed of greatness
3hw3 na s3 3w) teku anaa simpowaa
come and help
Lets fight this war
)nntsi d3maa
woara gye ko dua (koduah)
Na w)nfr3 wo Tweneboah
Ndz3mba ye a nka sesei yew) capital by now 3da car (Dakar) mu ma 3chill w) senegal
Think about it Phlowducation 3s3w that song is for you and i
You be young man make you nor make hatred and envy consume your mind
Dem dey bite, dem dey chew my lines but still won flow no y3 soo soft b3kand3 yokozona thighs
Bey3 toboa we nor dey rush our punches
Mesei h) ma jackie Chan mpo ka mu )s3 who am i
So to my fans make you nor argue
cos whatever you do them go talk say we flow wack
But he know say you dey flow waa
wongyai nekrom ni na w)n support awo, Eii masa nala osuro woa
See im trynna paint a new pic but they still dey focus on the throwback
Maybe them for learn software developing, that be the only way these kids go fit grow up
Them dey preach loyalty but they act FISHY whenever they see food (sea food)
Dont be fooled Dem go call you honey
but when things start dey be (bee) Dem go sting you
Them say make we dawg hiphop but when beef comes they say its good for the culture
Which culture, masa chris cross am,how can this solve am,)beye aah disolve am
S3 efeeli d3 ey3 wild aarh send beat bra nna yen killin that be what go fit give proof
Until den me im trynna phlowducate your fans
Ano get time to diss you
you want learn this sh!t come around make i show how Tee(phlow) Roll
Cox i swear no matter how much you go release you can never fit in Tee(phlow) shoes. (Tissues)

CHECKOUT:  Teephlow - Preach (Prod. by HBoo)

[Chorus 4X]
Phlowducation is out oo
Phlowducation is out oo
Go get it

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