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Currently, in Ghana there are two Ministers of God who claim to be ANGELS and also claim it is the reason why they have been doing so many miracles. They are actually among the most controversial ministers of God in Ghana, they all have overflow in their respective churches but the question is how many of their members really seek salvation apart from miracles?

A lot of people are running and begging them for deliverance, liberation healing and many more and almost all of them end up paying huge sums of money even just to see them. From the very moment they came to our screens their doctrine and comments or actions has always raised a lot of questions and drawing negative attention, though our Lord and personal savior Jesus Christ’s doctrine was questioned he often proved how true his doctrine was. But for this so-called angels, they are only proving to us that they can’t really prove how true they are.

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I want to let people know that they need not go and beg or spend all those money they spend before even seeing them because “God created man in his own likeness and Angels were called into being just like all other creation”. Angels are there to serve mankind, we command them and they are to obey us, as the bible makes us understand that those who were rebellious were thrown into this world together with their father the Satan our adversary.

There are countless number of times in the bible that Angels served mankind but rarely did man serve Angels and that is because we are not under them, both man and angels are under God and he has also charged them(the Angels) over us.

Here are few of the many occasions or times that God sent Angels to his beloved children(the only creation made after his own image and likeness); LUKE 1:11-, Luke 1:26-29, Luke 2:8-. Luke 4:9-11 talks about how Satan took Jesus to the top of the temple and tempted him to jump down because God has said in the scriptures that he will give his Angels charge over us.

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So this is it if someone claims God has made him an Angel we need not worry because God has sent or brought our spiritual messenger directly to us so that we wouldn’t worry much anymore. If they are really Angels of God then those who are begging them for help, solution, money and any other thing should stop begging and start commanding because when we want to send an Angel we command them by begging and making a request to our father.

If you don’t know how to do it then you can try this command code ”I command you by the name of Jesus to do ‘this and that’”. Yes, true Angel of God will understand and obey this command. If anyone is thinking of accumulating money just to go and see them then forget because they should see you as their Lord if not then their status as Angels of God is truly questionable as it has always been.

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As for offering, tithing and any form of appreciation is good and necessary as they need to eat and do other things which require money but no one should be charged for their services once they claim to be Angels of God, their reward is with God so they should take their reward from him when they go to heavenly meetings as one of them claim he does.

The Bible talks of false Prophets of last days so study the word (BIBLE) and let the Holy Spirit lead you so that you will not be deceived. Stay Blessed


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