GodFather who once condemned the Education system is here with another exciting and arguably article. He says that Shatta wale is the man or musician in Ghana that really has the potential to take any Ghana-based company to a different level or even international if they really want to. This is what he said:

Shatta Wale for the past years has been the man/voice behind most of the hit songs in Ghana. Hate him or love him the man has come to stay, he has made his mark and his name will forever be remembered. The self-proclaimed dancehall king has released and entertained Ghanaians with countless hit songs which have earned him the bragging rights as one of the best in Ghana.

Popularity, fame, viral and goodwill is all that a business needs to go up or get to another level or even go international and Shatta Wale has it all. Though his name or works has been tainted by his habit of starting up beef when not needed and making negative comments and many more. But the truth is one, that negative side is just the least of the greatness the man has achieved.

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A lot of people hate or dislike him because of the negative nature of his character and behavior. But there is also a countless number of fans out there who loves him for his good works. The problem with “man” is that we give too much attention to the negative than to positive, how many Ghanaian musicians have produced more hit songs than the SM Boss or has more loyal fans than he is.

There is one thing that is certain and sure about Shatta and that’s he is good for business and at the same time bad for business. Either to maximize profit and minimize loss when working with Shatta Wale depends on both of you especially you (The investor).

It is about time investors look beyond the negative and exploit the positive to their advantage. Having a successful business is not only about producing good and quality product but also having a countless number of good and loyal audience or customers and no one can give you that in Ghana than Shatta Wale.


It is as if anything and everything is acceptable in the show business and that is the cause of the problem with Shatta Wale. It is as if the only language he knows is “Music Language” and no or little business language and that has made him do what he has been doing cause it doesn’t affect his career as it will if he was to be in a real business world. So this is what I am saying

“It is time for an investor or business who wants to compete at the highest level both in Ghana and beyond partner with Shatta and teaches him business language and use him as a secret weapon to beat and defeat their competitors”.

Shatta Wale has proved that he has what it takes to produce under pressure and criticism and also is able to create something out of nothing. Here is why Shatta is the best musician in Gh for business:

He has been able to form or develop a loyal and strong fan base which doesn’t really shake irrespective of his habit of constantly drawing negative attention through his behavior. And the following makes him the front runner.

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How many musicians in Ghana have produced more hit songs than Shatta; is it Sarkodie? Kuami Eugene? Manifest? Medikal? E.L? or Stonebwoy?

Shatta is the man and now is the time Ghanaians look beyond the negativity and accept him, especially the investors.

(Though a business or brand has acquired his service they are not using him to his full potential because even in Ghana they are not number one let alone talk of the world, they ought to know that Shatta Wale can take them to another level and before their contract run out they should be ruling in Gh and beyond. But if they are not aiming at going international they should pack their bags and leave for someone who is determined to fly up to the sky come and acquire his service)

NOTE: The problem doesn’t only lie with Shatta but also the music industry.



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