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It seems the next Azuma Nelson will come from the music industry because Ghanaian musicians are now trying to tell us that apart from their musical talent they can also fight at the same time.  But unfortunately that is not what the fans want, we want to see true success. Yes a lot of people are making millions of dollars from music but we are yet to see that in Ghana and that has to change.

Musicians like Birdman, Rick Ross, Jay Z, D Js like D J Khaled, Producers like Dr Dre has made millions out of music; yes though not all their wealth comes from music but the source of funding it mostly comes from the music they are doing. So can’t Ghanaian musicians also do the same? It is about time they put aside all those beefing and turn it into making more money and doubling, tripling and quadrupling their net worth. We have to dominate or rule Africa as long as music and net worth of musicians are concern then afterward the world.

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Yes it is possible, when it comes to music in Africa Ghana has really done well to take a good spot up there but when it comes to financial status or the pocket of the musicians I don’t think anyone would want to talk about it now because it is not looking good.

It is about time they enter into the world of business just like the above mentioned musicians did, Ghanaian musicians needs to own their own cloth line, drinks, enter into real estate, do more investment and do other businesses and I am really confident that it will sell. Musicians like Shatta has one of the most loyal fan base in Ghana and instead of capitalizing on that to make or create more wealth he is rather wasting his time picking up fight and beef that would not earn him anything other than rebuke and bad name.

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If any Ghanaian musician thinks he or she is a businessman or woman or business minded then they are lying to themselves. They are yet to show the business part of their personality.

It is about time Ghanaian musicians makes it possible for their fans to boast about the net worth, yacht, private jet and estates that their mentors own. It is possible for Ghanaian musicians to be counted among the richest musicians in Africa if not in the world in some years to come. All that is missing is the desire and the will to do so.

My advice to them is that they should begin to learn business language, understand it, and put it into practice.

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