[VIDEO] Leaked S‎£xTape of facebook lovers recorded live going viral


It seems there wont be a day go by without these so called “slayqueens ” and “slaykings” doing something “stupid”.

There has been so many instances where people falls victims of sex scandals.

Day in and day out people fall victims of these acts yet no lesson is learnt. It seems all what these “slayers” care about is the pleasure of the sex, what comes after it, they dont give a “damn”.

In a video going viral spotted by our site, which it is believed to be a facebook live video, these so-called “slayers” were happily enjoying it, with the guy passionately hitting the girl from the back.

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They happily kissed and the lady kept on changing styles as the guy kept on bonging.

It is believed the act was recorded live on facebook for the followers of these two “slayers” to enjoy the view. What these two aimed at accomplishing is yet to be known.

The identity of these two is not known yet, we yet to fish them out..

Watch Video Below:

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