[Video] SHS Girl caught having S£x with Mates And It’s Bad AF


This is certainly not the first sez-tape leaking and it won’t be the last either. Just last night, another sez-tape leaked and what makes it quite interesting is the fact that, the girl seems to be a very beautiful one, very young and was being ba. nged hard by three guys!

Yeah, in the video that has leaked, the girl whose identity is unknown yet is seen being ba. nged by 3 boys in the video and it was consensual.
In the sez-tape, the girl is being fired from that dog. gy position as she gives one of the boys a BJ and it was clear that, the other guys were in a hurry to have their share of the pum-pum before she changes her mind.

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From what we gather, the girl is a bad.-ass b*tch and has been doing more of such videos but this happens to be the one that got leaked. We also gather she’s a product of St. Louis SHS but that has not been verified yet.

Anyways, we are not surprised because, these days, its very easy to get such girls on Social media so far as you have the money to pay for it. They are Snapchat with all sorts of Premium BS but the boys are paying anything just to get that pleasure.

We wish I could easily add the video here since all the parties knew it was being recorded but it’s against site policy to put such videos here. Its spreading on Whatsapp, so someone may send it to you soon there. We are only reporting it as news, so friends, families, know the kind of stuff their people get involved in.

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